Memory foam mattress advantages

The Memory Foam Mattress was invented by NASA way back in the early 1970s to provide proper cushion to astronauts during lift-offs and to support them from tremendous atmospheric forces. It was made of materials that conform to the body of the one using it.Memory foam mattress advantages

The wide use of memory foam mattress, however, was not only limited among astronauts. It had evolved in such a way that all types of people prefer the comfort it brings while sleeping. Nowadays, different brands of memory foam mattresses are emerging in the market as the demand for it continue to escalate. The following are some of the advantages of a memory foam mattress:

– Memory foam mattresses are therapeutic. Tracing back to history, memory foams then were recommended among hospitals for its bedridden patients since it prevents further bed sore problems. The softness and its ability to conform with the sleeper’s body lessen back pain problems.

Memory foam mattress advantages for those who suffer back or hip pains

– The memory foam mattress was made in such a way that it conforms the sleeper’s body regardless of the sleeping position, giving a more comfortable sleep. What does it compose of that it “follows” the body position of the one using it?Memory foam mattress advantages

Memory foam is composed of viso-elastic cells that collapse when pressure or heat is being exerted against it, and it tends to relax and expand when said pressure/heat is removed. The body heat of the one sleeping and the pressure against the mattress slowly begin to mold the foam in order to conform the sleeper’s body. This enables to cushion and support every part of the sleeper’s body like a sponge. The mattress memory foam moves in such a way that it expands and relaxes (conforming the body contour of the sleeper) as the one who is sleeping changes his or her sleeping position.Memory foam mattress advantages

– comfortable sleeping position. Other kinds of soft mattresses have the tendency to be so stiff that it cause discomfort to the one sleeping on it. Attuned sleeping position with the kind of bed foam is an important factor for a good and comfortable sleep. Stiff and extremely firm mattresses cause someone to frequently shifts sleeping position, finding the most comfortable position. In memory foam mattress, the mattress provides all the comfort needed for every part of the sleeper’s body (regardless of the sleeping position) since it automatically conforms with the position, easing pressure points from all angles.Memory foam mattress advantages

– applicable for all body types and types of sleepers. Regardless of how much you weigh and how many times you toss around while sleeping, memory foam mattress will just automatically adjust to your body position. One can comfortably sleep on the his or her side, back or stomach.

– memory foam mattresses are considered to be hypoallergenic. The synthetic composition of the foam enables it to prevent dust, mites, etc. from sticking into the mattress. Such forms of dirt or “germs” cause allergies and other forms of skin irritations.

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